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links to British Columbia media artists from MediaNet’s publication, Crossing Channels

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, in partnership with MediaNet, is currently presenting the Crossing Terrain exhibition, a series of screenings spotlighting the work of some of the best media artists from across the Country. The current artist featured is Victoria’s Richard Raxlen, who is showing 3 works from now until January 12, 2014: Fish Don’t Talk, Song of the Suicides’ Daughter and Everything Reminds Me of My Dog. Raxlen is giving a talk at the Gallery on January 9th at 7pm.

More information on the Crossing Terrain screening series

Crossing Terrain is a continuation of the Crossing Channels series, which was held from July 18 – November 10, 2013. This exhibition was based on a publication put out by MediaNet in the summer of 2012, called Crossing Channels: Essays on Contemporary Media Art in British Columbia.

The Crossing Channels publication contains writings by Jennifer Cane, Marie Prince, Bracken Hanuse-Corlett and Catlin Lewis about media artists, collectives and centres in Vancouver, the Interior, and Victoria.

Below I have included links to works by the artists mentioned in the publication, in preparation for a launch of an ebook in 2014. The printed copy, containing the accompanying essays, as well as information on other media arts events and centres, may be purchased at MediaNet or the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria for $10.

In the below list, I have tried to include any site which shows the full video work. Often, the complete work is not available online, in which case, I have included a link to a video clip or still of the piece. The titles of the video works are listed in italics. You will also find links to interviews where available, or to the artists’ home page, or essays about the artist. I hope you enjoy! We have an amazing number of talented media artists in this province (and in this city!). Here’s an informative way to spend your time on these cold winter nights.

Crossing Channels: Essays on Contemporary Media Art in British Columbia (published by MediaNet in 2012)

1. Host, File and Activate: The Past Decade of Media Arts in Vancouver

by Jennifer Cane


Mark Soo – Artist’s webpage video of Several Circles

Marina Roy –  video of Apartment

Raymond Boisjoly – video clip of Sense of Reckoning

Kevin Schmidt – still of Long Beach Led Zep

Alex MacKenzie – Artist’s webpage about The Wooden Lightbox

Althea Thauberger – About the artist about A Memory Lasts Forever

Isabelle Pawels – About B+E

Judy Radul – video clip of World Rehearsal Court

Marianne Nicholson- About The House of Ghosts

Geoffrey Farmer – works  And Finally The Street Becomes The Main Character

Jeremy Shaw – About Best Minds Part One (Expanded)

2. First Nations Media Artists: Vancouver Edition

by Marie Prince

Rebecca Belmore – Artist’s website video of The Fountain video still The Blanket

Loretta Todd – About the artist about her films link to purchase Forgotten Warriors

Dana Claxton – Artist’s website written interview with the artist video clip of Waterspeak video clip of Sitting Bull and the Moose Jaw Sioux

Terry Haines- About the artist written interview with the artist video clip of Bloodstorm

James Diamond – About the artist

Frederick Cummings – About the artist

Lisa Jackson – Artist’s website The Visit Savage video clip of Suckerfish video clip of Parkdale

Elle-Maija Tailfeathers – About the artist video clip of Bloodland video clip of A Red Girl’s Reasoning

3. Media Arts in Interior BC: Cross-Cultural Collaborations and Indigenous Media Makers

by Bracken Hanuse Corlett

Mariel Belanger – Artist’s website A Song for Tiger Lily Reminders for the People

Helen Haig Brown – About the artist  Su Naa (My Big Brother) Writing The Land  Pow Wow Driveway 

Chris Bose – Artist’s website About the artist Jesus Coyote Tee Vee  Skelep Prophesies

Victoria Baptiste – Artist’s Website

Cease Wyss – About the artist  Tuytanat film about Cease Wyss Indigenous Plant Diva 

4. Videos from the Edge: Media Art in Victoria

by  Catlin Lewis

Scott Amos – Artist’s website Atagamaton Primordial Soup Pt. 4

Fran Benton – Artist’s website about the artist

Kristina Campbell – Artist’s website speaking at opening of Crossing Channels exhibition Smoke and Mirrors exhibition  video clip of Searching for Emily

Farheen Haq- Artist’s website  video clip of Endless Tether  Adrift

Justin Love – Artist’s website G++ Gallery

Brian MacDonald – stills from Sex and Sadness  About Video Art Therapy

Judith Price – About the artist speaking about her video Elinor

Richard Raxlen – Artist’s website link to film clips about introspective?!*# exhibition

Janet Rogers – About the artist spoken word Just Watch

Grace Salez – About the artist speaking at opening of Crossing Channels exhibition speaking about her site-specific video, Plot 75- E/47 Dance for the Camera workshop

Serina Zapf – Artist’s website videos (un)familiar Waking – chapter 1